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Each freelancer who started work on Upwork and earned his the first money think how to output money from the system.

There are some ways: Payoneer or direct bank payment. In the second case, you shall be registered as an individual interpreter and have currency bank account. Actually, it is not a hard task all of them can be closed in during one week.

When you will have properties of your currency bank account you can use it for output money from the Upwork.

After sending money from Upwork to your bank you shall pass currency control and here you shall provide special documents.

Upwork provides templates of the documents, but "oh, shit" it is a stupid PDF with scanned images:

Actually, it as a hard task to inject your attributes into this templates and in finished result, it will be looked like shit.

But, we have a solution. Let to introduce you to clean, fully reworked Upwork templates for Russian freelancers!